Why Should I Join?

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I’m Interested! What’s Next?

  • Decide on what special deal you’d like to offer. Need ideas? Take a look at the FAQ section below or give us a call and we’ll help you brainstorm!
  • Look out for a confirmation email from a TVC staff member. We’ll also be mailing you a “Welcome Packet” with the 2 ArtPass Membership Cards, employee instructions, and other important information.
  • That’s it!

Contact Info


Katie Devlin Chae – Marketing & Development Manager

Email: info@tvcreates.org

Direct: (971) 440-9479

Main: (503) 567-1713

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m having trouble figuring out which special deal to offer. Do you have any suggestions?

Some possible options include discounts, free bonus items, and early access privileges. Keep on reading for a more detailed list.

  1. A free branded item (shopping bag, coffee mug, etc) with a purchase over a certain dollar amount.
  2. A free gift every month.
  3. Early access to programs or events (getting into a retail sale 30 minutes early, reserving seats at a performance a day before they go on sale).
  4. Product bundling prices (retail price for a product is $10, buy 3 for $20).
  5. Bounce back special ($5 gift card value for every $50 spent)
  6. Bring a friend, get a discount (both people must buy something to get the discount).
  7. Re-negotiate the cost with a vendor for your favorite items/lines and only offer that item/product line to ArtPass cardholders.
  8. A general discount with a minimum purchase or a purchase threshold. Look through your POS system and see what your average transaction amount was over the past year. Maybe, by participating in the ArtPass you can raise that average by 10% this year.


Q: I am an artist who is interested in signing up as a Business Partner. What special offers could I contribute that are more tailored for what I do?

  1. A discount with purchases over a certain dollar amount.
  2. Free bonus items (postcard, print, branded items, etc) along with every purchase.
  3. A free art class for every 4 attended.
  4. Free artwork installation.


Q: What if I decide the special offer I chose isn’t working for me?

Contact us right away and we’ll work together to figure out a more suitable option for your business.


Q: I’m already involved in other membership programs. How is this different?

The ArtPass is focused on creating connections between local businesses across Washington County and showcasing to the public what our county’s 16 cities have to offer. Beyond that, the ArtPass is meant to foster a creative community. We take a collaborative approach in running this membership program and are open to trying new marketing tactics and events that highlight the work your business is doing for our community.

For Current Business Partners

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