Beaverton Night Market Seeking Vendors, Deadline June 1

The Beaverton Night Market will be back in person in summer 2021! The city is monitoring pandemic guidelines and adjusting to plan for a smaller yet safe and vibrant event.


Application Now Open

The city is again seeking applications from food, craft and merchandise vendors from around the world to participate in the seventh annual markets. Application deadline is June 1, 2021.

Bilingual application / Solicitud bilingue

Have questions or need support to apply? Contact Jodi Monroy, Market Manager 503-453-5153 or


BNM Vendor COVID-19 Grants

This is a one-time grant opportunity to provide financial relief for previous vendors from the Beaverton Night Market who are experiencing a financial need due to revenue losses from COVID-19. The City of Beaverton values the rich contributions that vendors have brought to this important event in our city. BNM and BNM Bazaar vendors from years 2015-2020 are eligible to apply. Application deadline is April 29, 2021.

Grant Application

Solicitud de Subsidio

Have questions or need support to apply? Contact Maria Aguilar at 971-330-2577 or



The Beaverton Night Market is a project of the city’s Diversity Advisory Board, which has a primary role in planning and hosting the market each year. The concept is an original action item from the “Economic Opportunity” section of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Plan and has since been adopted into the Beaverton Community Vision as well. The first Beaverton Night Market debuted in Sept 2015 as a part of the city’s Welcoming Week and later grew to two larger summer events, attracting around 14,000 people each year.



The Beaverton Night Market exists to create a vibrant, intercultural, family-friendly space that is reminiscent of night markets internationally. The Market offers a culturally-relevant evening activity and gathering space with ethnic food and crafts for families of all backgrounds in Beaverton.



  1. Foster a space for cross-cultural exchange and interaction by community members.
  2. Create a space for emerging ethnic food/craft vendors to showcase their work and share their traditions.
  3. Promote economic opportunity for culturally-specific businesses in Beaverton.
  4. Offer a fun, family-friendly, cultural activity locally.


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