BRAVO Youth Orchestra Seeks Executive Director

Oregon BRAVO was founded in 2013 as a response to inequities in music education in the Portland Metro Area. BRAVO is one of over 100 organizations in the United States, inspired by El Sistema, an international social justice music movement founded in Venezuela in 1975. The BRAVO music program transforms the lives of underserved youth through a variety of music curricula such as creative composition, conducting, orchestra, and bucket band. We cultivate collaboration, promote self-confidence, and create a community where children thrive. The BRAVO community is rich in cultural heritage. The diverse backgrounds and narratives of its members weave a vibrant, multicultural tapestry. There are 18 languages spoken among our students and families.

In 2013 BRAVO started a program for second and third graders at Rosa Parks Elementary School. Today, in partnership with Portland Public Schools, BRAVO operates music programs at six schools in the Roosevelt High School cluster. As our student musician population has aged, our program has grown, addressing the need for uninterrupted music education. BRAVO’s near-term growth goals are to serve every school in the Roosevelt cluster. Our next Executive Director will collaborate with the Board and staff to determine our future trajectory.

Visit BRAVO’s application documentation here to learn more and apply!


This announcement was originally shared by Oregon Bravo.