Call for Authors: An Anthology of Hope, Deadline: Sep. 15

Multi-Author Anthology

Wellworth Publishing will release a multi-author anthology in January of 2021. The book’s theme is hope and healing and it is titled Now We Heal, An Anthology of Hope. The collection will reflect the best of who we are. No hate. No anger. No rage. We are looking for stories that speak of compassion and healing, or those that offer suggestions on what we can do individually or collectively to move forward in an enlightened way; stories on how we can make changes to societal shortcomings made clear in the recent past. We have all had experiences that changed our lives and affected us in a positive way. Recall your own and write about it, or create something new. Do you know people doing work to move us forward? Write about them. Has someone’s behavior or attitude stirred you to make better choices? It can be factual, fictional or even fantasy, but most importantly, the story should be positive and inspirational. More than ever we need to move forward in thought, word and deed. Working toward that is our duty to humankind. Perhaps your story will be a light that helps others see. The world is ready to find different paths to healing, and the surest way to help is to define what we find hopeful and inspiring for ourselves and share our discoveries with others.


  • All genres will be accepted—fiction, fantasy, sci-fi or a “how to” essay to name a few
  • All submissions shall be previously unpublished
  • Stories will be written in English
  • The length will be between 500 and 3000 words and focus on healing and rebuilding
  • Authors will receive no payment for inclusion, but can publish a short bio (approximately 100 words) and links to other works
  • Each contributor will receive 2 free copies of the printed book
  • All profits will go to designated charities
  • A panel will review entries and select those best suited to produce a well thought out, well written, thoughtful and timely anthology
  • Authors are asked to proof their articles carefully and then proof them again. Upon receipt, there will be two additional reads; the first for selection, and the second reading will be for accuracy and Changes will not be made without the author’s approval, but if an author rejects suggested changes, the manuscript may be rejected.
  • All submissions must be received by September 15, 2020. You can submit at any time prior to the date if your story is ready. Once a story has been accepted and gone through the editing process, you will receive a copy of the edited version. Acknowledge your approval of any final changes by completing the author’s contract (at the end of this document) and returning it within two weeks of receipt. Please try to be prompt, as there are numerous steps required to assemble and publish the completed book, and each step takes time.
  • Send manuscripts, bio information and questions by email to: Jean Sheldon. If you prefer snail mail, send documents to: Jean Sheldon, 100 SW 195th Avenue #178, Beaverton, Oregon