Call for Poets: Airlie Press, Poetry from the Pacific Northwest. Deadline: July 31

Airlie Press is a nonprofit poetry collective based in and around Portland, Oregon. We seek manuscripts from Pacific Northwest poets who are willing and able to commit to a three-year term of doing the shared work of running a collective press. As a press, we commit to participate in the ongoing conversation and practice regarding inclusion and equity. To this end, we encourage submissions from underrepresented voices and poets from marginalized communities. Most important editorial decisions are made by consensus.

Airlie Press considers full-length poetry manuscripts for publication during our open reading period, June 1 through July 31 of each year. Entries are accepted via Submittable. Our goal is to publish 1-2 volumes of poetry a year. For full details on the distribution, sales, marketing, and publicity of our titles, please click here.

Each member’s book is published in the second year of his or her term. Authors have the final say about the content and presentation of their books. All profits from the sale of books are returned to the collective.

Read more on the Airlie Press website.