Call to Choreographers/Performers: Beaverton Ten Tiny Dances, Due April 7

The City of Beaverton Arts Program is seeking proposals from choreographers/dance performers to create and perform a dance as part of Ten Tiny Dances on Saturday, July 9, 2022.

As an annual event since 2009, Beaverton Ten Tiny Dances is an opportunity to present both contemporary and traditional dance, to publicly highlight the rich mix of cultures in Beaverton, and to expose audience members to culturally diverse performances.

The event presents both contemporary dancers and traditional/ethnic dancers on 4’ x 4’ stages in non-traditional/unexpected outdoor locations. The format offers applicants  the opportunity to explore the concept of creative limitation, and the small stage also puts dancers in very close contact with the audience. Artists are offered the opportunity to create site specific performances. The Arts Program actively promotes the event and the audience has been large and receptive.

The City of Beaverton cares about the health and safety of its residents, employees, and performers and reserves the right to impose COVID-related safety rules during this event, which may include, but are not limited to, vaccination, testing, and masking.



  • Use of 4’ x 4’ stage
  • Dance should be between three to eight minutes in length
  • Audience will be close to performers and may be on three or four sides
  • Concept of creative limitation due to the “tiny” stage and the close proximity to the audience
  • Stage location: each year we are intentional about choosing where we produce this event. In 2022, all performances will be held at one stage located at Beaverton City Park (due to the pandemic, this location may change)
  • If your proposal includes a traditional/ethnic form of dance, please exercise discretion and care to not misappropriate or misrepresent
  • Creativity is highly encouraged
  • Applicants must make sure that the dance is well-suited to the tiny 4’x4’ outdoor stage in-the-round
  • Each of the 10 dances will be presented one time during the performance
  • Music level is difficult to control in outdoor spaces and there may be ambient noise bleed from features in City Park including a large fountain
  • Dancers are encouraged to surprise, delight, or challenge the audience, but they must be family-friendly and appropriate for outdoor, public audiences.
  • Dances can use more than one performer as well as recorded or live music, depending on preference



A selection panel will review submissions from applicants and make recommendations to the Program Coordinator and Artistic Director. We are specifically looking for the following:

  • Strength of artistic work
  • Artists interested in the concept of creative limitation/constraint due to the tiny 4’x4’ stage and surrounding space, and who are eager to work with the artistic challenges listed above (see artistic challenges and opportunities above)
  • Artists representing a range of artistic styles
  • Artists who demonstrate clear vision, artistic innovation, and artistic rigor
  • Artists representing contemporary, traditional, or ethnic forms of dance

Ten choreographers/dancers will be selected representing traditional, ethnic, and contemporary styles. We encourage proposals from artist’s that draw from contemporary, traditional or ethnic backgrounds and dance forms, and collaborations between choreographers, performers and musicians.



Each performance group will receive $2,000. No additional funds are available for travel, musicians, etc. You decide how to allocate the $2,000.


Choreographers and dancers must:

  • Attend the site-visit orientation in May, exact date and time TBA
  • Attend the event orientation on Friday, July 8th, starting at 5 PM
  • Attend the rehearsal following the orientation on Friday and remember to bring music
  • Perform dance on Saturday, July 9th
  • Participate in a facilitated talk-back (dialogue) session with audience members following the event on Saturday
  • Choreographers will receive the full $2,000 fee only if they participate in these five required activities


DEADLINE to apply is Thursday, April 7, 2022, 5 PM, PST. For more information on eligibility and to apply, visit