Call to Writers: Oregon Humanities “Care” Issue, Due December 21

Contributors are paid between $500-1,000, depending on length and complexity of their piece. Submissions are due December 21.

The theme for our Spring 2022 issue is “Care.” We want to hear stories about responsibility and custody, attention and affection, worry and grief.

We’re looking for nonfiction articles and essays between 1500-4000 words that explore what it means to provide care and to receive it, to care about and to be cared for.


Some topics we’re interested in include—but are by no means limited to—the following:

-Experiences of providing or receiving medical care
-The ways Oregon communities take care of or fail to take care of their members
-Experiences of giving and receiving care among family, friends, or colleagues
-Stories about how definitions of care have changed over time
-Ideas of how we should care for the land and each other


We encourage submissions from writers of all levels of experience and stories created with or by communities—classrooms, neighborhoods, congregations, or any other group with shared interests and experiences.

Oregon Humanities is open to all forms of nonfiction writing including reporting, critical analysis, narrative and personal essays, and feature articles. We also consider book excerpts. Our full contributor guidelines can be found here.

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