Capoeira Afro-Brazilian Martial Arts Lessons in Beaverton

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Learn the fundamental movements, instruments, and songs of Capoeira!

Capoeira is a unique Martial Art that combines acrobatics, dance and kicks into a strategic game and major workout. Seriously, you will use muscles that you didn’t know you had! This is a great way to lose weight, get in shape, and build confidence.

Free beginner workshop will begin at 2pm for kid’s and adults. Open Roda will be at 3pm. All Schools are welcome!!

Contact:Monitora Cigana 971-806-7663

CTE Capoeiragem is a capoeira group from Salvador, Brazil. Mestre Dilaho has brought this group to the United States and to Portland Oregon. With Mestre Dilaho’s permission and supervision beginner classes will be taught in Beaverton, OR.