Commercial Space Available in Beaverton Central

The Beaverton Urban Redevelopment Agency (BURA) has recently completed construction on a 7-story parking garage in the heart of Beaverton Central, immediately next to the almost completed Patricia Reser Center for the Arts (The Reser).  The ground floor of the Beaverton Central Parking Garage has approximately 6,800 square feet of retail space it is now looking to fill.  The BURA Board is committed to an equitable tenanting process.  We are hoping that you will help us share this information within your communities to help us get news of this exciting project out to a more diverse audience than we could reach on our own. 


BURA’s top goals for new commercial tenants in this building include:

  • Active businesses, that are open during regular hours and are publicly accessible
  • Businesses that promote arts and innovation in the district
  • Diversity
    • Within business ownership
    • Within customer base
  • Business viability


The commercial space will be divided into five spaces ranging from roughly 1,150-2,250 square feet, including two spaces that can accommodate restaurant uses.  In addition, the building provides a shared restroom for customers and employees, garbage area, loading dock, and a bike room for employees.  In the interest of our social goals for the project, BURA is building out the three non-restaurant spaces to “warm shell” levels, which includes installation of outlets, lighting, electrical closets, and plumbing, with the hope that a typical retail user or maker would have minimal work to prepare their space.  Since all restaurants are designed differently, the two restaurant spaces are being left as “cold shells”, with utilities, grease interceptor, and hood venting capability complete.  A tenant improvement allowance will be negotiated to assist with the final build out.


Download more information: Beaverton Central Retail Flier

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