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Lyndsey Blythe, Certified Music Practitioner

Worldwide, I am the only Certified Music Practitioner utilizing the Handpan!

This beautiful instrument has been described as heavenly, ethereal, and magical. Its shape forms a Helmholtz Resonator, which negates unwanted frequencies, thereby providing the purest tones for this healing work. It is tuned in 432 hz, which studies have shown to be more effective than standard 440 hz tuned instruments. Listen to an example of a Therapeutic Music session.

I typically play live, at the bedside, in order to enhance the healing environment and meet the immediate physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs of patients. Wherever I am providing this service, I am privileged to witness the moments in which a patient is positively affected by my therapeutic music. It is truly a gift to be able to offer others compassionate presence and healing as I pursue my love of music!

I am also a contributing research member of the Medical Sound Association, a group of doctors, sound healers, and sound therapists dedicated to creating treatment protocols and safety guidelines for using sound and music to mitigate medical issues.

I maintain a specific sanitization protocol for my instrument to ensure that patients are protected from risk of transmission of infection. This has been especially crucial in this pandemic age.

Services include Educational Presentations, Therapeutic Music Sessions, Drum Making Workshops, and Rhythm Instruction.

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