Experience Theatre Project presents an eTheatre presentation: NO EXIT

Experience Theatre Project presents an eTheatre presentation at

Jean-Paul Sarte’s NO EXIT


adapted by Alisa Stewart

JOIN Experience Theatre Project, in artistic association with Lacy Productions, on July 11 as we celebrate the grand opening of our beautiful online salon for artists, featuring a live, fully rehearsed, online performance of Jean-Paul Sartre’s NO EXIT, an adapted online pastiche by Alisa Stewart.

Virtual doors open at 6pm PDT at the Experience Theatre Project website to experience the glitz and glamor of world-wide artists performing in a salon setting. Enter your key (your personal password) to access a members only area where you may choose any one of six LIVE ARTISTS performing somewhere around the globe. Visit a burlesque performer in Belgium, a fire artist in Prague, or a bohemian poet from Portland, Oregon. These amazing talents will whet your whistle for our exciting live production of….

NO EXIT, a live eTheatre performance starting at 7:30pm PDT. Tickets available here.

This cleverly directed online production practices social distancing with artists rehearsing and performing the show in their own spaces, with costumes, sets, and props. The show is innovative and creative, as if the actors are performing in a common space on stage. This is live online performing arts at its finest!

LE CHAT NOIR MODERNE’S VIRTUAL STAGES – a preshow starting at 6pm PDT


Mamz’Elle Plum’ti, burlesque dancer broadcasting from Paris

Johnny Nuriel, a fire act

Simran Gleason, an impressionist painter

Jeremy Gardels, a bohemian poet

Mz. Etta, blues/jazz singer

Miss Hill and her bartender-chef, a comedy duo

…and more to come!

NO EXIT features Rich Cohn-Lee as Garcin, Katherine Grant-Suttie as Inez, Gwendolyn Duffy as Estelle, and Carlyn Blount as The Valet. Costume design by Alana Wight. Stage Managed by Jenn Lindell.

ABOUT NO EXIT: Journey with us to 1952, when women were broads and the men simply brutish. Three totally different people, Garcin, Inez, and Estelle, find themselves in a mirror-less room with nothing more in common other than the fact that they committed sins in their lives, and that each of their lives were terminated early. Left to sit forever in a poorly furnished living room, the only way to escape eternal boredom is to talk and ultimately reveal their earthly sins and crimes. They find that they are reflections of each other’s darkest secrets. And because they see each other so clearly, their self-inflicted pain is constant.


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