Explore the Region’s Public Art with Virtual Maps!

"Food is Our Common Ground" Mural in Downtown Hillsboro. Image used with permission of owner.

There are a variety of tools to help you explore the region’s ever-expanding public art portfolio! Public art is part of what makes our communities vibrant and it brings us together through beautifully-told shared stories of the places we live and visit. Grab your phone or laptop and take a guided walk or bike ride with these digital maps:

  1. Hillsboro Public Art Archive: “Public art is a part of our mental map of Hillsboro and is an important element of creating a community that future generations are proud to call home. Public art projects, both permanent and temporary, help create memorable public places and transformative experiences. Through art we strive to build a more inclusive and vibrant city that celebrates the city’s diversity, creative spirit, history, and future.”
  2. Downtown Tigard Public Art Walking Guide:Take a walking tour of downtown Tigard’s growing public art collection. From interactive sculptures to murals, there’s something for art fans of all ages.
  3. Downtown Beaverton Public Art Tour Map: The Public Art Project in Beaverton creates meaningful public places and enhanced civic identity through significant works of art that embrace Beaverton’s diverse traditions and history.
  4. Washington County Visitor’s Association Public Art Map: There are dozens of murals, sculptures and more on display across Oregon’s Tualatin Valley. With this map, you can find art in all of the Tualatin Valley’s communities.
  5. Regional Arts and Culture Council Public Art MapYou can’t live in or visit Portland without encountering public art. Using this map as your guide, begin your walking tour from any point and discover a surprising mix of artistic styles, materials and settings.
  6. Public Art PDX: Public Art PDX is a free app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that showcases the rich and diverse collection of Public Art on display in and around Portland, Oregon, USA.
  7. Portland Street Art Alliance Art Maps: Exploring Portland’s booming street art scene just got easier with the publication of new walking, biking and all-city maps by the Portland Street Art Alliance. Working in partnership with Travel Portland, PSAA commissioned local artists and researchers to develop three street art maps of Portland: a walking map of the Alberta Arts District, a biking map of the Central Eastside Industrial District, and an all-city highlights map.
  8. Quilt Barn Trail: Discover public art in unexpected places with the Westside Quilters Guild’s map across the Tualatin Valley/Washington County. The quilt barn trails consist of large painted quilt blocks mounted on barns or buildings, highlighting the county’s agricultural and historical heritage.

Are you interested in commissioning public artworks for your building in Washington County? Are you an artist interested in painting a mural? Consider contacting:

  1. Hillsboro’s Public Art Program
  2. City of Beaverton Public Art Program
  3. Forest Grove Public Arts Commission
  4. City of Tualatin Arts Advisory Committee
  5. City of Tigard