Fogelbo Recognized on the National Register of Historic Places

Fogelbo, a Steiner log house, is recognized on the National Register of Historic Places by The Department of the Interior’s National Park Service.

Portland, OR – Fogelbo, a Steiner log home, was recognized on the National Register of Historic Places by The Department of the Interior’s National Park Service on Tuesday, July 21st. Fogelbo (which translates to “bird’s nest” in Swedish) is located on 8740 SW Oleson Road in Southwest Portland on the Nordic Northwest Campus. The National Register is the official list of America’s historic places and it is part of a program to support efforts in the identification, evaluation, and protection of the nation’s historic and archaeological resources.

Fogelbo was constructed with hand tools and with materials from Mt. Hood in 1938 by Henry and John Steiner. Henry Steiner was one of the chief craftsmen who built Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood, Oregon. His son, John Steiner, was a stonemason and craftsman in his own right. Timberline Lodge is a National Historic Landmark also on the National Register or Historic Places. Henry Steiner built over one hundred log cabins, mostly in the vicinity of Mt. Hood. These homes have been featured in many magazines, newspapers, and documentaries. Eighty Steiner cabins are still in use today. Fogelbo is the only home recognized on the National Register of Historical Places, a rare Washington County example of the Oregon Log House Style of architecture.

Jessie and Charles Fogelquist, parents of Ross Fogelquist, purchased the home in 1952. Over the years, the property has hosted numerous Scandinavian, German, and Austrian cultural celebrations and events. Fogelbo also holds one of the largest private collections of Scandinavian antiques and historical artifacts in the United States. The home and two-acre property were gifted to Nordic Northwest and sit adjacent to . Nordia House, the cultural center of Nordic Northwest.

Ross Fogelquist, the former Honorary Swedish vice-consul of Oregon, has resided in the home since 1952. Fogelquist is an essential member of the Portland Swedish-American community and has founded and led several clubs, organizations and societies.. The king of Sweden, Karl Gustaf, proclaimed Ross Fogelquist a Knight of the Order of the Polar Star in 1985 in recognition of the many contributions he has made to the Nordic community and culture in the state of Oregon.

“I’m extremely pleased with the recognition of this home, knowing that it will serve future generations who come to observe the craftsmanship of Henry Steiner and his son, John.” – Ross Fogelquist