Grant Opportunity: Miller Foundation Arts (Small Org.)

Miller Foundation Small Arts Grant (Small Organizations)


Our Fast Track grants fund organizations statewide that deliver visual, performing, media, literary, or interdisciplinary artistic programming, performances or exhibits, arts services, or arts education. Fast Track Arts grants provide Operating Support. We know that funding general operations is the best way to help arts organizations thrive.

Minimum annual expenses

The minimum allowable annual operating expense for eligibility is $25,000. This excludes any expenses covered through in-kind.

Activities we fund

Please consult our Arts page for details on the types of activities we fund. Also be sure to review the list of activities we don’t fund below.

Specific eligibility considerations

Because the Miller Foundation believes that every child should have access to a well-rounded education that includes the arts, our Arts grants also support K-12 Arts Education programs. If you provide arts education programming, you have a greater chance of receiving Miller funding if your programs meet any of the criteria below.

K-12 Arts Education

  • You provide non-school based sequential arts education specifically engaging youth who face economic, geographic, or other barriers to participation.
  • You work in partnership with public schools to provide arts education where such programming would otherwise be unavailable.
  • You connect young people with professional teaching artists.
  • You provide culturally specific arts education.

Deadline and response time

Apply for a Fast Track Arts grant anytime – applications are accepted year-round. Typically, you will be notified of a grant decision within 4-6 weeks.