Grant Opportunity: OAC Accessibility Reimbursement (Ongoing)

Oregon Arts Commission: Accessibility Reimbursement

Grant Overview

The purpose of Arts Accessibility Reimbursement grants is to support:

  • Offset of expenditures for specific access expenses;
  • Public access to all individuals who want to participate in arts activities offered by Oregon arts nonprofits;
  • The importance of complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, 42, USC Sec. 12101, et seq.; and
  • Identification of best practices in accessibility throughout Oregon.

FY2023 Arts ADA Accessibility Reimbursment Application Form

Applicants seeking to increase access to digital events can find resources at:

The Oregon Arts Commission has compiled the resource pages below to help organizations improve their accessibility practices.

A brief history of the ADA and case-making statements for why it is important:

Principals to consider when developing programs:

Examples of outstanding use of AAR funding to support programming in Oregon:

Grant Information page: