Alicia Moya-Mendez & Joseph Nguyen

Artist Bios


Alicia Moya-Mendez:

Alicia Moya-Méndez is an artist, science educator and photographer with a passion for communicating microscopic scientific concepts through visual art and play. She uses her interdisciplinary education in psychology, English and biology to create science art sculptures, interactive projects and community workshops meant to educate hands-on with visual arts.


Joseph Nguyen:

Joseph Nguyen is a native Oregonian and knowledgeable professional in the design and construction industry. Having experienced discrimination firsthand, his company Buildskape strives for diversity, equity and inclusion in its commercial construction contracting practices in Portland.

Artist Statement:


Alicia Moya-Méndez and Joseph Nguyen of Buildskape partnered together for their project, Art Play Science, with the intention to encourage active, passive and on-the-go learning by creating interactive science playgrounds connected to a fun educational website. Conscious design and building were a primary focus of the playground by creating multi-generational designs while striving to be equitable, diverse and inclusive in business practice by inviting local communities and local trade professionals to complete the build.

The mission of Art Play Science is to provide science education through play and visual arts while simultaneously working towards removing the stigma of sciences being too hard/scary to learn, especially for kids. The vision of the project is to promote community connection between the general public, scientists and science artists by providing virtual connections to the playgrounds via the website and subsequently strengthening science education through visual art and community.

Alicia’s science artwork and background in academia, combined with Joseph’s skills providing design build services and consulting on the bidding and construction phases, have nurtured the perfect partnership for this interdisciplinary undertaking. The collaboration not only highlights the importance of building community connection and education through science and play, but they are also striving to intentionally work with the communities in which these playgrounds will be constructed.


The Art Play Science educational website will be live in June 2021.