Deb Tappendorf

Artist Statement:

Deb Tappendorf’s project is to grow a Dye Garden for her family, friends and neighbors to gather in and create art. This spring, she will plant vegetables, flowers and herbs for the natural dyes derived from the skins, stalks, flowers, bulbs and roots. These dyes will be used in a workshop creating a series of textile projects in the traditions of Chinese woodblock printing, Egyptian vat dyeing, and Balinese batik painting.

She will design the workshop, test the dyes, produce textile prototypes and write detailed instructions. The developed teaching tools will be bound in handmade books and gifted to her guests so they may teach others.

On a warm summer day, a small group of neighbors will come for lunch and Deb’s natural dye workshop. Each guest will dye natural fabrics to make one of a kind art textiles. At the end of the day her new friends will head for home with a basket of flowers, herbs and vegetables, the instruction book of the day’s projects, and their beautiful textiles.


Artist Bio:

Deb Tappendorf is a multi-media artist and workshop instructor with an apparel design degree, living with her husband on a farm in Cornelius, Oregon. A descendant from a long line of prolific craftsmen, her practice dives into self-awareness and social healing through hand crafting textiles of artful utility.

  • Instagram: @debratappendorf