2023 Arts & Culture Leadership Incubator Faculty

Caryl Hoffman

CEO, CK Hoffman Design

Caryl Hoffman is the Founder and CEO of CK Hoffman Design a Design/Build firm specializing in Kitchen and Bath remodels.  They have won many accolades and awards and will be entering their 15th year in business in 2023.  Her original creative journey started in high school with a Major in Art, then continued with a Bachelor  of Arts degree in Design from UCLA, along with a study abroad program in Florence Italy where she studied Art and Art History.  As a faculty member in TVC’s Leadership Incubation program, Caryl looks forward to sharing some of the lessons she’s learned along the way, and to collaborative interchange with the incubator participants and other faculty.

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Explore Caryl’s work at the following:

Website: CK Hoffman Design

Facebook: CK Hoffman Design

Houzz: CK Hoffman Design

Instagram: @ckhoffmandesign

Pinterest: @carylkhoff

Lindsey Holcomb

Visual Artist

Lindsey Holcomb is a self-taught multi-disciplinary artist and the founder of the #colorsofMS project, where she transforms multiple sclerosis diagnostic scans into abstract ink and thread paintings alongside sharing patient stories. Lindsey’s work is heavily informed by her epilepsy and multiple sclerosis diagnosis and her Japanese-American heritage. Elements of kirigami and kintsugi are often incorporated in her works in ink, cyanotype printing, and collage. 

Lindsey holds a BA from the University of Oregon in Japanese and Asian Studies, with a certificate in Intercultural Business Communication. She is a grants coordinator for the non-profit Golden Road Arts. She is represented by the Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery, Grey Raven Gallery, Catherine Bede Gallery, and ArtLifting. Her work has been featured in Health Magazine, and Brain & Life Magazine and is held in private collections across the US and 13 countries.

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Explore Lindsey’s work at the following:

Website: Lindsey Joy Holcomb Studio

Instagram: @lindseyjoyholcomb

Facebook: @lindseyjoyholcombart

Michael Orwick

Visual Artist

After 2 years of college as a business major, Michael jumped at the chance to move to Australia for half a year, where he filled up sketch pads with drawings and small paintings. Returning to the states, he moved to Portland, Oregon, where he majored in Illustration at Pacific Northwest College of Art. 

He took an internship with Will Vinton Studios (now Laika Studio), but, after a few years as an illustrator his true passion as an oil painter prevailed, and he began a career as a full-time oil painter. He loves creating art that invites you on a journey to form a story and explore your world within.

Michael and his wife Gaby have a creative and inquisitive daughter that has kept him in touch with his perpetual inner child (please see O2 to see the work we do together). 

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On a typical day, you can find him working in his home studio or outside painting Plein-air in some beautiful location.  He also teaches oil painting and gives seminars.

As a native Oregonian, he cannot separate his art from his love of the Pacific Northwest.  The coast, mountains, and meadows, each infused with mysterious light and atmosphere, weave narratives into their settings.  He loves to tell their stories with his paint and brush strokes.  Inspiration comes so naturally here. Michael works on personal projects for the galleries, as well as on commissioned paintings for clients, whether for private, corporate, or civic displays.  

A few years ago he, his wife,  and daughter, took the year off from “real life” to travel the world.  They visited twenty-one countries and painted with over 500 inspiring children from various orphanages and schools as part of their cause, which they called Studio Everywhere. 


Explore Michael’s work at the following:

Website: Michael Orwick Arts

Facebook: @MichaelOrwickArts

Instagram: @michael_orwick

Rob Routhieaux

Nonprofit Professional

Rob Routhieaux has a strong passion for the arts, youth development, the environment, and building community. His early career was based in restaurant and retail management (including hardware, auto parts, and camping equipment). For over twenty years he worked as a college professor, teaching courses in nonprofit management, entrepreneurship, human resource management, and leadership development. He has been blessed to work with a broad array of nonprofit organizations as a volunteer, staff member, board member, supporter, and adviser. He has led dozens of community workshops for business owners and nonprofit professionals on a wide range of topics. He enjoys travel, hiking, biking, tennis, and any other activity that engages others in joyful banter and comradery.

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Explore Rob’s work at the following:

Impact Beaverton Workshops Website