Justin Rueff

Artist Statement:

The Bird Bath experience is a series of six audio speakers installed along a walking path. Each speaker is shaped to look like a birdhouse and plays the songs of an individual type of bird. Information about that bird (common name, scientific name, time of year and status) are displayed on the face of the Bird Box.

The idea of the bird bath is to heal, educate and connect people with nature. By listening and learning about the birds, people increase their alertness, reduce stress and strengthen their connection with the natural world around them. Guests will be transported through the power of their own imaginations.

For this project I will be using sounds collected at the Peters Creek Campground in Christmas Valley, Oregon.


Artist Bio:

Justin Rueff is sign painter, teacher and comic creator. He has worked in a variety of media including: collage, painting and building. He brings design and visual marketing experience to public art spaces. His work is intuitive and allegorical. Justin is mixed-race Latino. Themes include nature, pacifism and connection.