Lyndsey Blythe

Artist Statement:

Music is a powerful resource: it can trigger memories, influence moods, and alter the perception of time. As a universal language, it serves as a guide and encourages the listener to take agency to heal, using their innate knowledge of self. Lyndsey is an enthusiastic proponent of using music in her own self-care. In her journey to heal from C-PTSD, she has found relief in creating and listening to therapeutic music. This has allowed her to develop insight and establish connections with others who suffer from similar traumas.

Artist Bio:

Lyndsey Blythe is a Certified Music Practitioner (CMP) and the owner of Blythe Beats in Hillsboro, OR. She is the world’s only CMP utilizing the handpan, a melodic percussion instrument related to the steel drum. During her time working at Oregon Health & Science University, her practice of therapeutic music has positively affected numerous patients and enhanced the overall healing environment. In this position, Lyndsey has found fulfillment and seeks to continue her work as an essential healthcare practitioner.

She currently serves as Advisor for students in the Music for Healing and Transition Program, and is a contributing researcher for the Medical Sound Association. She has released the title track to her upcoming handpan project, Lull of the Mystic, a collection of original lullabies intended to release tension and anxiety so that restful sleep can occur. More information about her work as a therapeutic musician can be found on her website.