Shelby Silver

Artist Statement:

I have developed an intergenerational creative conservation art class called Kaleidoscope from the Sea. Together, over zoom, my students and I are creating mosaics and mandalas with reclaimed plastic marine debris (PMD). Students are provided with 70 pieces of PMD to work with, and together by the end of the summer we will have salvaged around 4,000 pieces never to return to the ocean again. This class demonstrates the meaningful impact that we can have as individuals, and the greater impact we have as a collective when we collaborate with one another across generations and while practicing stewardship values.

Artist Bio:

Shelby Silver is an ecological artist and educator. She holds an associate degree from Portland Community College (PCC), and is currently working towards an additional degree in gerontology. Shelby’s work focuses on marine conservation, ecological rehabilitation, and social justice. She has taught through Cannon Beach Art Association, Unity Spiritual Center, and now PCC.