Job Opportunity: Accessibility Consultant, Due September 2


Project: Accessibility training and evaluation

Oregon Humanities reaches tens of thousands of Oregonians each year through public programming, media, training, and grantmaking. As we strive to put our organizational values of community, equity, and imagination into practice, we are interested in increasing our understanding of accessibility and how we might improve how our work reaches and includes people with disabilities.

To that end, we hope to work with a consultant or team on two first-stage projects: 1) staff-wide education to deepen understanding and move toward shared vocabulary, and 2) a scan of our current accessibility practices. We anticipate that this first-stage effort will take two to three months, and we have budgeted a range of $6,000–$10,000 for consultant fees. We anticipate that a larger and longer second-stage project focused on implementation will follow, and we want to emphasize that we are interested in identifying and implementing best practices rather than taking a compliance-based approach.

We encourage you to learn more about Oregon Humanities on our website, where you can find our Strategic FrameworkEquity and Inclusion Lens Handbook, and information about our work.


Goals of project

We hope that this project will:

  1. Significantly strengthen our internal understanding of key concepts, challenges, and opportunities related to accessibility and help build a common language among staff members.
  2. Help us recognize our current practices related to accessibility so that we have a clear sense across the organization of what we should continue doing, what we might do more of, and what we should consider starting to do.
  3. Assist us in preparing for a longer-term project of improving accessibility practices in our programs, media, training, and grantmaking as well as internally, with staff members and board members.


Provisional anticipated deliverables

  1. One or two workshops or trainings with all staff. We are open to in-person or virtual trainings.
  2. Assessment of our current practices along with general recommendations for next steps, including integration of accessibility practices with other organizational efforts toward equity and justice.


Timeline & budget

We anticipate that this project will run no more than three months in duration, beginning in October 2022 or as soon as circumstances allow. The anticipated budget range is between $6,000 and $10,000.


Selection criteria

In evaluating proposals, we will consider the clarity of the proposal; consultants’ experience; previous work on projects of similar scope and focus; and the timeline, budget, and general alignment between the proposal and Oregon Humanities’ priorities.


To apply

Please submit the following by 5:00 p.m. on Friday September 2, 2022, to Adam Davis, executive director, by email at

  • A summary of your interest and qualifications
  • A summary of the proposed process for achieving the goals and developing the deliverables stated above
  • A budget summary and timeline
  • A CV, outline of relevant qualifications and experience, references, and samples of similar work
  • A statement of how you understand issues of confidentiality as applied to this project
  • Disclosure concerning any real or perceived or potential conflicts of interest
  • Your earliest availability to begin the project

If there is information missing from this call for proposals that would dramatically affect your estimates, or if other kinds of support would be helpful as you prepare your application, please do not hesitate to reach out by email using the contact information above.