Kendrick Payton

Artist Statement:

I created this comic because when I first moved to Portland for a manufacturing job, I was in awe of all the technology that surrounded me. The constant excitement of learning about different tools every night at work compelled me to create this story. 

Fab Planet is a comic book about Ethan Green who is a Lapitine (humanoid rabbit) from the farming planet Vetiver. He wants to be an engineer on the popular silicone rich planet known as Fab Planet. However, being poor pushes him further away from his dream. So he does the unthinkable to solve his money problem and becomes a bounty hunter in the futuristic gig economy! 

This project is a series of six comic issues that will make up the first volume and will complete an entire story arc. The comic will focus on contemporary themes such as AI and other futuristic technologies that are being created today. Currently the world is racing to create AI technologies and all of the conversation has inspired me to produce a story that will invite my audience to think about what the future of A.I technology might look like. What I hope my readers can take from this story is both laughter and wonder. Fab Planet promotes environmentalism to young adult readers and shows how finding a way forward is never a straight path, yet the journey is still rewarding. 

Artist Bio:

Kendrick Payton is a Writer and Illustrator with over a decade of experience in digital arts. He specializes in using various media applications such as Adobe Suite, Procreate, and more. He spends most of his time honing his craft by creating and promoting new art content on social media platforms. He is innovative in storytelling and constantly tries to expand what is accepted as normal in industry. Kendrick someday hopes to share his art with the world. In his free time he enjoys playing with his cat and watching the latest film and TV shows on Netflix and Hulu.