KOIN 6 Internship Opportunities

The KOIN internship program provides college students interested in journalism and communications a unique opportunity. The hands-on experience allows students to get an in-depth look into the field of broadcast from an array of perspectives and challenges students to use their knowledge in an applied industry setting.

All positions are for college credit only and usually last 8 to 12 weeks.

Criteria for acceptance:

Interns must be full-time students of a college or university either in or entering into their junior or senior year and receiving academic credit for their internship assignment.

Internships are unpaid and all interns must provide a letter from their academic advisor certifying they are a junior or senior and will be receiving academic credit for their internship.

Interns need to set up an hourly schedule in advance with their supervisor that will sufficiently meet their school’s required credit hours.

Interns are to perform the duties and responsibilities outlined in the internship descriptions and other tasks as assigned by their supervisors.

Participating Departments include:

Everyday Northwest and AM Extra lifestyle shows
Digital Media

Application Process:

Apply online here.

Please include in your application a one-page cover letter describing your interest, expected benefits, the type of internship/position/department you seek, the semester you’re applying for, and the length of time you would like for your internship.

Along with your cover letter and resume, to be considered for the internship, you must be able to provide documentation from your academic adviser that if selected, you will receive academic credit for completion of your internship.