Natalie Davis-Eltahir

Artist Statement:

This is Natalie JEA, Your Traveling Head Wrap Concierge! The artistry of assisting women provides communities with education and information. This benefit and encourages beauty wrapped around health, art, fashion, and culture when/ if experiencing hair loss. Years of wearing headwraps and headcovers for personal, professional fashion, health reasons, and special occasions have been the highlights of my travels. Why do I love to concierge? Through concierge engagement, women look and feel beautiful because women deserve to be healthy and happy.

Artist Bio:

Pacific NW native I carry an Oregon State Natural Hair Care License, Washington State License of Cosmetology, and exploring the opportunity for Trichology Practitioner. As a headwrap consultant, the focus is on hair care and hair management because hair is a societal focal. I have drawn inspiration from my grandmother and hairdresser who taught the benefits of twisting, curving, arranging, weaving, methods, and techniques. These old school traditions of styling women’s heads with lightweight, handwoven, breathable scarves, soft cotton cloths, have been part of my research learning and professional growth.