New Sculpture Emerges in AmberGlen Park

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Artist Dann Nardi

AmberGlen Park, one of the newest parks in the Hillsboro parks system, will be seeing a lot of exciting activity this summer. Illinois-based artist Dann Nardi will be on site in June and July constructing a new monumental sculpture, “Elemental Sequence.” The public is invited to view a scale model of the sculpture, ask questions, and learn more about the work and process on Friday, May 10, 4 – 6 p.m., at AmberGlen Park north of the ponds. The event is free and open to all.

Taking inspiration from the abundant trees and waterways of the Hillsboro landscape, “Elemental Sequence” is comprised of a series of graceful vertical pillars that will cast changing shadows throughout the day. Low curving benches will evoke the flowing water of nearby creeks and streams. Nardi works in cast concrete, and has built custom forms in his studio in Illinois that he will bring to AmberGlen. In a unique and labor intensive process, Nardi will work with a small crew on site at AmberGlen Park to mix small batches of delicately tinted concrete to layer into the forms. This process lends his finished works subtle layers of color, recalling geological strata or dappled light.

Through June and July, visitors to the park will be able to watch the work in progress as Nardi and his team cast, and reveal, the concrete forms. The public is invited to meet the artist on Saturday, June 15, from 1 – 3 p.m.

Nardi has a long record of public art projects and an interest in creating social space through sculpture. Nardi’s proposal for “Elemental Sequence” was selected from 147 applicants nationwide by a public art selection committee composed of Hillsboro residents, artists, and staff. His sculpture will create a new landmark in the park, while providing a contemplative area for sitting and enjoying the landscape.

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