Patricia Reser Center for the Arts Seeks Executive / Administrative Assistant

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The Patricia Reser Center for the Arts (PRCA) is a professional arts center currently under construction in downtown Beaverton, Oregon. Construction began in November, 2019, and the Center is scheduled to open in the late 2021. Immediately adjacent to City Hall, the facility will consist of a 550-seat mainstage theater, an art gallery, meeting and rehearsal rooms, and a public plaza. PRCA will present national touring artists, local and regional performing arts organizations, visual arts exhibitions, arts education programs, and will serve as a social and cultural hub for Beaverton and its surrounding communities.

Beaverton Arts Foundation (BAF) is governed by a Board of Trustees filled with accomplished, respected, and dedicated community volunteers. Together with the City of Beaverton, it has given birth to PRCA, which is managed and led by Executive Director, Chris Ayzoukian. Although BAF dates from 1999, PRCA itself is a relatively new organization and, by its nature, will pass though several distinct phases before it achieves a mature, operating state. Its current developmental phase is focused on near-term projects: construction, staff development, inaugural planning & programming, organizational development, and the creation of the policies and practices that will guide its future. This pre-opening phase will be accompanied by changes in the size and structure of the staff, the allocation of job responsibilities and the skills required for success. Adaptability and a personal commitment to the mission of PRCA are vital qualities for any employee in this environment. The scope of responsibilities of the Executive/Administrative Assistant will evolve to meet the needs of PRCA as it progresses through this phase, toward opening and taking its place as an active arts center and vital resource in the community.

This position is being filled at an extraordinary moment, in which, because of the coronavirus pandemic, it will be necessary to work remotely for some indefinite period of time. Candidates should evaluate their personal capacity for being responsive and productive while working independently. The successful candidate will be confident both in their ability to fulfill the job responsibilities remotely for now and to transition into working in a fast-paced team environment once it is safe to do so.

Position Summary

The principal role of the Executive/Administrative Assistant is to support and facilitate the work of the Executive Director (ED). The ED’s responsibilities bridge the internal and external needs of PRCA. They are extensive and will include the oversight of construction issues, staffing, program design, community relations, institutional branding, Board relations, coordination with City staff and City Council, developing the performing arts season, booking artists, budgeting, financial oversight, staff management, fundraising, and functioning as the principal spokesperson and public “face” of the arts center. The Executive Assistant will support the ED in each of these roles, and so must be organized, detail-oriented, responsive, nimble, curious, articulate, and routinely exercise both good judgement and good humor. This is a unique opportunity to play an instrumental part in the creation of an important community and cultural resource. It will require a unique and energetic person.

Read the full position description and apply on the Patricia Reser Center for the Arts website.