Resource: WW Give Guide Applications for Nonprofits (due 4/30/23)

We’re looking for great nonprofits to join us this fall, and it starts today with the spring application!In a move to increase stability for participating nonprofits, we are introducing 3-year terms alongside the usual 1-year option. We hope this allows nonprofits to build organizational capacity, reduce their administrative burden, give a longer view for planning and budgeting, and put their Give!Guide experience to use in years 2 and 3. More details about this new development are outlined in the application instructions.

The application instructions are where interested nonprofits can review eligibility, participation expectations, and preview the application. We’ve included a new road map that plots the nonprofit journey from application to celebration. There’s also an Open House for curious folks to attend. These tools will help nonprofits to better self-assess their capacity and schedules before applying here.