Sherwood Center for the Arts March Exhibitions

Be the Light

On Display March 12-26, 2021

An art installation aims to build community and resiliency

Sherwood, OR – Sherwood Center for the Arts launches a new community art project entitled Be the Light, March 12-26, 2021, in the heart of Old Town at Cannery Square. This project is an extension of the city’s mission to “illuminate Sherwood” with lights during this winter season. Be the Light was devised by Nancy Belmont, the same artist behind The Unity Project, which was installed near Cannery Square in 2017. The public is invited to engage with the art installation by adding to it or viewing it.


Be the Light is meant to be a three-dimensional expression of individuals casting light into the darkness. When individuals commit to sharing their light with others, the entire community may be illuminated. Community members are invited to reflect on ways they can “be the light” to others this month. They can then write their intention or commitment on the blank card provided, and add their light to the exhibit wall. Families and individuals of all ages are invited to participate.


Be the Light reminds us that each person has special, unique qualities to offer the world. At a time when so many feel isolated and in need of hope, this installation aims to encourage all to share their light with others, and reminds us of the power of community.


Join us for the opening dates of this installation on Friday, March 12 from 3-6 pm, and Saturday, March 13 from 10 am-12 noon at Cannery Square;


Additional supplies to participate will be available in the Center for the Arts lobby Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm, starting March 15-26; check our website or Facebook page for updates. The written intentions and lights will remain on display at Cannery Square for viewing until March 26.


This installation is made possible by Washington County Community Psyche funds.


*COVID precautions include limiting the number of people at the exhibit at any one time, emphasizing 6 feet of social distancing at the exhibit and mask wearing, and providing hand sanitizer and individual kits to participants.

Rainy Day Sherwood Installation

On Display March- April

As we edge nearer to spring, inspirational sayings and works of art will be popping up on pavement around Sherwood, activated by rain. This engaging installation encourages people to get outside, even in the rain, and take advantage of Sherwood’s beautiful parks and public spaces.


This rain-activated art is eco-friendly and biodegradable, formulated by Seattle-based company Rainworks. The designs will appear in March and will slowly fade and eventually disappear over the course of several weeks.


The goal is to highlight Sherwood’s parks and pathways and provide moments of delight to residents of all ages during the rainy spring season. Celebrating the beautiful public parks and public spaces and encouraging all to get outside, taking full advantage of Oregon’s “liquid sunshine.”


People of all ages are encouraged to look for artwork and text appearing on pavement during the months of March and April. There will be almost two dozen designs appearing at parks, pathways, and public spaces. Some designs will be interactive, and folks are encouraged to take photos of the rain-appearing art when they find it, and share their photos on social media using the hashtag #rainydaySherwood. Photos may also be emailed to Sherwood Center for the Arts staff to be shared with the community as well. Families and individuals are encouraged to discover all of the rain-activated art appearing around Sherwood this spring.


This project is part of the Resiliency Project made possible by Washington County Community Psyche funds, executed by the staff of the Sherwood Center for the Arts with support from the Sherwood Cultural Arts Commission.


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