“Snow much Joy” Interactive Art Installation Through December 24th

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TVC’s 2021 Arts & Culture Leadership Incubator Graduate Kameron Messmer currently has an immersive, interactive art installation up with Portland Playhouse!

Kameron Messmer Entertainment presents: A PopJoy Balloon Art installation. “Snow Much Joy”

Kameron Messmer is an multi disciplinary artist who specializes in crafting and cultivating joy, with a current focus on creating genre defying, eye-catching balloon sculptures and installations.

His goal is to spread joy to kids and families through his joyous balloon art, performances and personality.

Raised in a magic shop in a rural, multi-ethnic family, Kameron Messmer’s unique perspective is channeled through his genre defying art. Recently, he has earned praise as Portland’s “Best Balloon Artist” for his mind and heart expanding sculptures which are not only colorful, eye-catching creations but serve as much needed interventions of JOY in these heavy and difficult times. 


Hours Open to the Public

Wednesday, 8th 7:00-8:30
Thursday, 9th 7:00-8:30
Friday,10th 7:00-8:30

Saturday, 11th 2:00-3:30

Sunday, 12th 7:00-8:30
Sunday, 12th 2:00-3:30

Wednesday, 15th 7:00-8:30
Thursday, 16th 7:00-8:30
Friday, 17th 7:00-8:30

Saturday, 18th 2:00-3:30
Saturday 18th 4:00-6:00
Saturday 18th 7:00-8:30

Sunday, 19th 2:00-3:30
Sunday, 19th 4:00-6:00
Sunday, 19th 7:00-8:30

Wednesday, 22rd 2:00-3:30
Wednesday, 22nd 4:00-6:00
Wednesday, 22nd 7:00-8:30

Thursday, 23rd 2:00-3:30
Thursday, 23rd 4:00-6:00
Thursday, 23rd 7:00-8:30

Friday, 24th 7:00-8:30

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