The show must go on – La Strada dei Pastelli Chalk Art “Un-Festival”

In the wake of a global pandemic, 2D4D had to re-imagine how to provide a chalk art festival experience without getting thousands of people together. “The reason that these art festivals are so important”, says 2D4D Board Chair, Raziah Roushan, “is that in just a few hours attendees watch drawings evolve from plain asphalt to fully-rendered imagery. Festivals are days of inspiration wherein [we] all witness the creative process together.” To recreate this experience, 2D4D worked with Cedar Hills Crossing (Beaverton) where it was easy to safely space out just a handful of local professional artists to film them as they chalked individual 8’x8′ images.

The time lapse is jokingly being called an “Un-Festival”. The “Un-Festival” video showcases artists Brittany Resch, Morgan Miller, Susan Charnquist, and Shelley Fagin working on images inspired by the theme “Everyday Heroes and First Responders.” In an effort to recreate the wildly popular kids area of their annual La Strada dei Pastelli Chalk Art Festival, 2D4D also simultaneously did a public call for submissions. Community members throughout the Portland Metro area, and even as far as Southern California submitted heart-touching chalk drawings and sayings drawn out in their own neighborhoods and driveways.

“This summer is guaranteed to be littered with chalk drawings and small inspirational sayings. Chalk is a very accessible medium.” says Roushan, “With the help of sponsors like Patricia Reser, OnPoint Credit Union, and Blick Art Materials to cover artist’s stipends, supplies, and video production, we’re really happy to be part of what’s needed most right now – Creative Expression.” Visit to enjoy video montage.

Since we can’t all be together, 2D4D is calling on the community to share the virtual experience!

  1. Share the La Strada dei Pastelli Chalk Art Un-Festival video on your own website, social media, and/or in an e-blast.
  2. Link to 8-minute video:
  3. Showcase the video on a monitor in your place of business so that customers get to virtually experience the artwork too.
  4. Buy a limited edition reusable bag for $10.00.
  5. Save the date: 2021 La Strada dei Pastelli Chalk Art Festival to happen on August 14-15, 2021


About 2D4D

2D4D is a nonprofit arts organization working to strengthen the region’s creative impact by helping artists and arts-leaders in the 2-dimentional and 4-dimentional (time-based) fields achieve greater potentials both individually and collectively. We believe that it is through our collective voice, works, and actions that the arts inspire, provoke, enhance, and contribute to the emotional and economic wellbeing of our region. 2D4D does this by providing free and low-cost classes, workshops, networking events, exhibition and performance opportunities each designed to expose the value, function, and necessity for social diversity and dialog. This is only possible by bridging interaction between the arts and non-arts communities to recognize that each supports the other.


Featured image by Brittany Resch.