Tualatin Historical Society launches Online Archive

The Tualatin Historical Society recently launched a free online archive for its members and the public in an effort to commemorate and preserve the history of the Tualatin area.

Click here to access theĀ Tualatin Historical Society Archive

Content features in the online archive includes:

  • Oral Histories from Tualatin-area residents
  • Historical and contemporary photographs
  • An inventory of all THS artifacts and historical items
  • Videos from programs presented by THS
  • Artistic tributes to Tualatin (fine art and music)
  • History of local festivals and events
  • Copies of the Tualatin High School Newspaper
  • Photographs of THS Board members
  • Copies of the THS Board meeting minutes
  • And much more!

THS will continue to add new content in 2019.

Featured in the archive: Tualatin Overture discussion with composer Arthur Breur