Village Gallery of Arts Receives Grants

The Village Gallery of Arts is the grateful recipient of four COVID-19 Relief Awards over the past 6 months.  The first grant in April came from the Federal Government in the form of The Cares Act.  Grant awards received in July were from the Oregon Community Foundation and the City of Beaverton Arts Program.  In September we received the welcome word that we will receive funds from the Oregon Cultural Trust for Coronavirus Relief Funding for Cultural Support.

Taken together with substantial contributions from many generous members, the total of these grants will cover the loss to our operating income during this Coronavirus crisis making it unnecessary to dip into our reserves or our capital expense budget.  This has allowed us to pivot to a business model with COVID-19 safety adaptations and provisions in place, so with reduced hours we can open again.

Village Gallery of Arts is thankful for our federal programs, state support for the arts, the City of Beaverton and the Oregon Community Foundation for their support of our local, 57-year-old, non-profit art Gallery in Cedar Mill.