Willowbrook Arts Camp is Seeking New Board Officers

Willowbrook Arts Camp is looking for a few new board officers. Our current focus is on adding an educator, an artist and an arts administrator/organizer and education administrator/organizer due to our commitment to humanistic arts education and exploration.

The expectations of board members are;

  • attend the monthly board meeting,
  • volunteer to support work outside of meetings,
  • advocate for Willowbrook and engage others who can benefit the organization.
  • Act in the best interest of Willowbrook at all times.
  • Actively engage in planning processes to assure the future of Willowbrook is secure and foreseeable risks are being avoided.
  • Be an active steward of Willowbrook vision, mission, fiscal health and staff.
  • Strive to be aware of laws and regulations for non-profit organizations and assure that Willowbrook is observing them.

Learn more and apply through the Willowbrook website: https://www.willowbrookartscamp.org/volunteer 

Willowbrook is an EEO employer committed to the inclusion of people of color, LGBTQ, women and people living with disabilities in our workplace and programs. We invite applications from candidates who share our commitment to this diversity.


This announcement was originally shared by Willowbrook Arts Camp.