Hillsboro Learning Center

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$5.00 monthly discount off any tutoring session or enrichment class (one per month)


Hillsboro Learning Center is a tutoring business which is located in the heart of historic downtown Hillsboro.

It was founded in 1998 by two Hillsboro School District teachers, who took their passion for teaching and genuine interest in helping students and families ​learn and thrive on the westside of Portland!

This initial vision continues under new ownership.
We don’t apply a “one-size-fits-all” approach to teaching.
Instead, our tutors tailor individual learning plans to fulfill the unique needs of the students and families who seek academic assistance at Hillsboro Learning Center.

Our goals are to help students help themselves improve their academic performance, and to assist and guide them to the point in which they become independent and confident learners.
Our purpose is to set students up with the guidance and learning supports needed to enable them to thrive and excel in school!

We specialize in tutoring students from K – 12+ in beginning reading, writing and arithmetic all the way through advanced high school mathematics, language arts, science, organizational and study skills and Spanish.

We offer individual and unique learning experiences with homework support, practice for current classwork and guidance in strengthening academic foundations for future learning.

At HLC, there are no long-term contracts or assessment fees and our prices for a 1 hour session of one-on-one tutoring are very reasonable.

We help students develop a love of learning and improve their work and study habits, self-esteem and confidence.

Hillsboro Learning Center’s founders captured the goals of this unique downtown business with the following words…

“Tutoring – it Works!”

We know our current tutors and students have carried on the legacy when their students come inproudly boasting that they have aced the test!!

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