Tualatin Valley Creates is excited to showcase the work of the nine Washington County artists participating in the 2021 Arts & Culture Leadership Incubator!

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Click on each artist below to explore what they developed during the program, including their artworks, business plans, and more.

Lyndsey Blythe


Soundscapes is a sonic journey through a labyrinth of emotions. Using natural elements as an aural anchor, Soundscapes allows the listener to choose their own path by using the guides indicating lightest to darkest of the corresponding musical modes.

Jamie Cormier


Idea;tion was a sense of a community space but has blossomed into “hope boxes” filled with art and supplies for others suffering with suicidality.

Kameron Messmer


Popjoy will be an installation that spells out the word “JOY” with balloons, but the negative space will be empty. The purpose of this design is to remind people that they are the moments of joy, everyday, by interacting with the world around them.

Alicia Moya-Méndez & Joseph Nguyen

Art Play Science

Art Play Science is a collaborative project with the intention to encourage active, passive and on-the-go learning by creating interactive science playgrounds connected to a fun educational website.

Lynnette Oostmeyer

Lift Here

Lift Here is a project created to help people living with an invisible illness reflect on their lives and tell their own story. Lynnette created journaling kits for each participant that included a small notebook, various paper, markers, pens, colored pencils, stickers and tea.

Justin Rueff

Bird Bath

The Bird Bath experience is a series of six audio speakers installed along a walking path. Each speaker is shaped to look like a birdhouse and plays the songs of an individual type of bird. Information about the bird is displayed on the face of the Bird Box.

Shelby Silver

Kaleidoscope from the Sea

Kaleidoscope from the Sea is an intergenerational creative conservation art class I developed. Together, over zoom, my students and I are creating mosaics and mandalas with reclaimed plastic marine debris (PMD).

Debra Tappendorf

Dye Garden

Dye Garden is a community project. This spring, Deb will plant vegetables, flowers and herbs for the natural dyes derived from the skins, stalks, flowers, bulbs and roots. These dyes will be used in a workshop creating a series of textile projects in the traditions of Chinese woodblock printing, Egyptian vat dyeing, and Balinese batik painting.

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