ArtPass Membership Program

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What is ArtPass?

ArtPass is a membership program offering special deals to local businesses and artists within Washington County. The businesses we partner with are all committed to supporting Washington County’s creative community and range from theaters, galleries, retailers, restaurants, and independent artists. A complete list of partnering businesses can be found in the directory.


  • The ArtPass card is available to the public for $25
  • is valid for one year
  • can be used multiple times (with no limit) at as many businesses as you want throughout the year.


Please note that this is a fundraising effort for Tualatin Valley Creates (TVC). All funds will be used for operational costs to keep the creative community informed, engaged, and growing within Washington County!

How to use

Members can use their ArtPasses directly at any partnering business* listed on the ArtPass Directory. This information reflects the most up-to-date partners and special deals offered.

Cardholders must be prepared to show valid ID when using their ArtPass at partnering businesses.


*TVC has vetted partnering businesses, TVC is not responsible for any services, products, or experiences purchased using the ArtPass. Cardholders are to book services or experiences directly through individual partnering businesses. 

Getting Involved with the ArtPass Community

Leave reviews on your favorite businesses and respond to other member’s comments on the ArtPass Directory.

Become a Member!

$25 for a year membership

Proceeds support Tualatin Valley Creates continuing to serve our creative community in Washington County.

Business Directory

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When checking in to an ArtPass business, why is the QR code asking for my name and location? 

TVC uses this information to track how many people are using the Membership Program and which businesses are being visited for assessing program needs. 


Q: I don’t feel comfortable using the QR code attendance log. 

That’s okay! You can also quickly log your visit by going to [insert link here] and recording the business and day you visited without using any personal information. 


Q: Is there a limit to the number of times I can use my ArtPass at one business? 

Nope! As long as your membership is active, you can use your ArtPass as many times as you like at your favorite business. 


Q: How are Business Partner’s selected? 

TVC partners with independently-owned businesses within Washington County involved in contributing to the creative community. 


Q: Do the special offers ever change? 

Yes this can happen! When businesses join the ArtPass Program, they commit to being a partner for 1 year. After that year they can choose to renew or change the special deal they offer. For this reason, the special offers depend on the current businesses participating in the ArtPass Program. 


Q: I had a great experience at a business! How can I let them know? 

Our ArtPass Directory has a place where you can leave reviews and comments on the businesses you’ve visited. We love to see your feedback so be sure to check it out! 


For any further questions, please contact [email protected].