Wag to my Heart Portrait Studio

Active Perks

$30 off commission fee
Artwork for your home featuring your fur children and the people they call family.


We serve those that have a special bond with their animals, and treat them like part of the family

Do you pick your lodging based on if they allow dogs or not?
Do your dogs share the bed with you?
When you leave the house do you tell them you’ll be right back?
Did you get family pictures done and wish they had included the animals?

We are designed to attract families wanting only the very best for their loved ones. One of a kind luxurious artwork.

At our studio we focus on your families legacy. We encourage you to slow down, reflect, and create timeless memories.
With our expertise and your input we create the most valuable authentic life memories.
A family masterpiece is a priceless piece of history.
Let your family be seen for generations to come.


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