Emily Miller

Artist Statement: 

My work explores natural beauty and cycles of change centered around coastal environments, where our human connection to nature becomes clear. I see the coast as a transition zone between our known human world and the deep unknown “otherness” of the open sea. By approaching this otherness in the context of playful curiosity, collaboration, and connection, my work creates an environment for positive transformation that enriches our relationships with ourselves, each other, and our world.

Artist Bio:

I have spent my life on the coast, and all my artwork has its roots in my love of the sea. I am currently based near Portland, Oregon, drawing direct inspiration from the Pacific Northwest coast as well as my background in California, Kauai, and Down East Maine. I often incorporate natural elements and reclaimed materials into a wide range of work including watercolor and encaustic painting, mixed media sculpture, functional porcelain ware, and interactive installation art.

I’ve been a practicing artist for over twenty-five years, and a full-time professional artist since 2016. My award-winning work is included in public and private collections around the United States. My practice is currently focused on the Ghost Net Landscape, an interactive traveling installation that involves local communities in transforming thousands of pounds of fishing gear debris into art.