Kameron Messmer

Artist Statement:

My name is Kameron Messmer, I am a balloon artist. I am going to install a giant balloon sculpture spelling “JOY” in the Tualatin Valley community. This past year has been hard on everyone for so many reasons. My whole life as an performing artist was simply to bring joy to people, and the pandemic made that next to impossible.

This installation will spell out the word “JOY” with balloons, but the negative space will be empty. The purpose of this design is to remind people that they are the moments of joy, everyday, by interacting with the world around them. People can take pictures of themselves inside of the sculpture’s negative space, filling in the missing void with themselves and spreading joy to others, literally bringing the sculpture to life with joy.


Artist Bio:

Raised in a magic shop in a rural, multi-ethnic family, Kameron Messmer’s unique perspective is channeled through his genre defying art. Recently, he has earned praise as Portland’s “Best Balloon Artist” for his mind and heart expanding sculptures which are not only colorful, eye-catching creations but serve as much needed interventions of JOY in these heavy and difficult times.